"Sha La La, Sha La La

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"Sha La La, Sha La La

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"Sha La La, Sha La La Cheap Cigarettes..." This rain has been going on for more than a week. Today, the rain finally stopped. The snails in the soil also came out to play. Looking at the snails on the road, I immediately thought of the snails. Rumors that salt will turn into water. So, I took a bottle and put a few snails back. Today, I will come to f home, quickly turned the salt water out, took a snail out of the bottle with the snail, and sprinkled salt water around it. The little snail seemed to feel something, and it didn��t move, I gradually I didn't have the patience. I took it in the salt water and suddenly the snail turned into a pool of water. Why is this? What about white sugar and MSG? Therefore Cigarette Online, I also turned white sugar water and MSG water. Experiments have shown that these two kinds of water are not only afraid of snails, but swimming hecked the Internet and found that the snail's weakness is that it is afraid of salt. Salt can make the snail lose water, dehydrate and die, but it will not turn into water. First, chemically, snails are composed of sugars, inorganic salts, proteins, and nucleic acids. Secondly, from a biological point of view Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online, if the snail encounters salt, the snail will form a high osmotic pressure solution on its body surface due to its long-term wet state. The snail will shrink and eventually die due to water loss. Salt reacts to the surface of the snail because the snail surface (except the shell) has a layer of mucus that is good for exercise and snail skin assisted breathing. When you sprinkle with salt, the snail's movement and breathing ability are reduced Online Cigarettes. The mucus is sucked up by the salt, causing the snail to shrink and the cells to be dehydrated. At this time, the snail seems to be dried, but it will never turn into wathis discovery, the farmer's uncle used salt water instead of pesticides.Once, I saw a uniform black line on the balcony. When I walked in, it turned out to be a hardworking little ant! The ant is like a grain of rice Marlboro Cigarettes Price. There are two lines of tentacles on the head. The color is yellow and yellow, and my sister saw it. Made a small temper - filled the water with an empty beverage can. I lothes. I stumbled upon the bottle of milk that my sister had filled with water in the morning. "Ah!" I was surprised to shout. My sister walked slowly like a detective. I said angrily: "You can put the ants into the drink cans." The sister smiled lightly. In the evening, I gave a small report to my mother, and my mother was always awkward. However, I actually want to know how the "Shenji" sister got it. The next day, I helped my sister. When there was no one, the lid of the drink was opened, and the water and ants "flowed" out. I was surprised to find that some of the ants did not die. Is it an undead ant? Not that it is strong! Its strength is worthwhile, then is our study only back to strength?
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