On Saturday, the sun was shining

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On Saturday, the sun was shining

Berichtdoor ylq » za 11 aug 2018, 02:34

On Saturday, the sun was shining. I yawned and got up. I walked outside, the sky was exceptionally clear, the sun shone on the ground like a beam of light, and I could see the gold glow on the road. I looked at it all, and the mood was getting faster and faster, like the car, as if I had already arrived at to the pond, the river was crystal clear and the sun shone on the water. I looked up and saw the shadow on the water swim to me. I blinked and it didn't surprise me. It was really a small fish and a small shrimp Newport 100S. They hid in the cracks of the stone and stuck their mouths on the rocks Marlboro Red 100S. On the top, the tail swings freely, as if looking for food Cigarettes Online. They are colorful Newport Cigarettes Website, odd in shape and vary in size. Some are gray, with black markings like black pearls. From a distance, it looks like a rock. From a close look, it looks like a fish is dancing in a black jacket. Some fish are silvery white, and their mouthsmall bucket, a fishing net and other tools and slowly bent down and gently rolled up my pants. I carefully placed it by the river and started fishing. I just wanted to catch it, but I know that it escaped with a bang. I looked down at the fish in the river, I hope someone will save the situation. Suddenly, someone touched my head, and I turned back and saw the shadow of my grandfather. I am happy to say to my grandfather: "Or you come to fish." I quietly watched my grandfather fishing. Grandpa is not as reckless as me, but quietly observes where the fish swim. After a while, Grandpa said: "I will use the fishing net to drive out the small fish. You use the net to block the way out of the fish and then fish it." At this time, a group of fish swam over, and Grandpa picked up the net and slowly Bent down, he stared at the fish, as if he already knew the direction the fish wanted to go. He smiled and put the net into the water. The fish saw the net like they were rushing Online Cigarettes, as if they were uncertain. Run away. My heart suddenly jumped, afraid that I couldn't catch the fish, and my grandfather's back. I gradually calmed down e fish escaped. My mood has turned into a sullen mood. I feel that I have collapsed to the extreme. No matter what method I can't get back to the present situation. Just as I gave up, I suddenly thought of a word that Bias said: "Be calmly start to do something, but once you start, you must stick to it." I also thought of a word that Ma was thinking: " Life is like the ocean, only the strong-willed people can reach the other side." When I recalled what they said, my heart suddenly picked up and felt like a tortoise, and I knew that I was avoiding difficulties. I thought: "Can't give up, insist, I can't be the same as before, otherwise I can't help." I stood up and started fishing. Where do you stand from where you fall? I picked up the net and sat next to the pond. I thought, "Is it because I am not fast enough or not? I am immersed in contemplation. Suddenly, I thought, as long as you combine the two methods, you will not be able to fish. I will keep looking at the river, the fish is small. The snake shuttled through the water.full-fledged return. It is also a wonderful fishing trip. Cooperation, let us capture the chances of catching fish. You can also contribute a lot of articles. It also allows me to understand some truths and bring happiness.
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