Video stuttering/Sound asynchonous

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Video stuttering/Sound asynchonous

Berichtdoor MichaelSmith » wo 23 mei 2018, 07:56


I'm using Avenue for a project at university. I want to show 10 transparent videos above one another, then switch to showing only one. The whole thing is controlled by Processing via OSC, which in turn gets values from an Arduino. The videos need to be in 720p resolution, so it should be a lot of work for my computer.
I've tried three different computers up until now. The first was an iMac, I don't remember the configuration, but it worked for some time and then suddenly started to stutter all the time. So I tried a newer iMac (2.4ghz, graphics card with 256ram, 6gig ram), and it stuttered from the beginning. I then tried a PC (Core2Duo 2Ghz, 3GB Ram, 256ram nVidia graphics) and it worked for some time, too (I had it running for two hours straight for testing yesterday). Today suddenly the sound became asynchronous. Rebooting didn't help.
Some information about the video files:
DXV Codec, 720p
Audio Format: Integer (Little Endian), 48000kHz, 32bit
Any suggestions? Need help fast!

Please help

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Thank you
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